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At GeoWest Engineering, our multi-disciplinary team has experience and understanding of local geological structures and construction techniques.
We are able to provide our clients with practical solutions and risk management for all of their ground-related issues.

What is geotechnical engineering?

Geotechnical engineering utilizes principles of soil and rock mechanics for improving and developing society and life.

Benefits of geotechnical engineering

As more and more developments are being built on steeper terrain, assessing geotechnical hazards, such as landslides, rockfall, and debris floods/debris flows, has never been more important. Properly analyzing and preparing for these potential hazards can help ensure the safety of both people and buildings.

Onsite rural drilling into mountain side
Lake Country Wine Tunnel Engineering

We specialize in conducting rockfall and slope hazard assessments and designing stabilization measures for a variety of clients and projects. When it is not feasible to avoid the hazard, we design various systems ultilizing soil/rock reinforcement, drapes, shotcrete, drains, erosion protection, catchments and barriers for mitigation. Our well-established working relationships with specialized contractors and suppliers allow us to provide cost-effective designs to meet our clients’ needs in a timely manner.

Our personnel have also pioneered the development of hybrid slope retention systems,including a patented retention system to reduce the limits of excavation often resulting in significant cost savings while minimizing disruption to the environment.

What we can do for you

At GeoWest, we provide our clients with a comprehensive range of geotechnical consulting services with a practical, collaborative, and cost-effective approach to building the optimal solution for any design challenge. We opportune our own materials testing laboratory for materials testing, so that we can provide our clients with accurate results in a timely fashion. Our areas of expertise in geotechnical engineering include:

Drilling in Delta, BC
Drill rig on site in Delta, BC

Why Choose Us

Our respected and experienced multi-disciplinary team provides our clients with support for all of their engineering challenges.

The majority of our team has been working together as a cohesive network of professionals for a long period of time. 

All new members of our team are carefully selected and mentored to ensure that they will fit with our team's dynamics, enthusiasm, and professionalism.