Geostructural solutions

Our team of highly knowledgeable geotechnical engineers and geostructural engineers work together to analyze the effects of structural elements on soil and rock. This collaboration allows us to provide each of our clients with a more cohesive design, streamlined process, and lasting value.

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Benefits of geostructural engineering

By bringing together geotechnical and geostructural engineers in the early stages of a project, we are able to save you money by coming up with the most cost-effective design for your retaining walls and slope stabilization. This creates a more streamlined and cost-effective process.

What we can do for you

The multi-disciplinary team from GeoWest will provide your project with innovative retaining wall and slope stabilization designs for your unique project requirements. We strive to provide clients with value engineering solutions.
Our geostructural engineering experience includes:

Retaining wall design

Helical pier design, micropile design and test pile reaction frame design

Temporary excavation designs

Spreader beams and lifting eyes

Shoring and bracing designs

Reinforced soil structure walls and reinforced soil slopes

Demolition plans for bridges and building